Everybody's Talking About Prince Harry's Handsome Cousin!

We still aren't over how perfect Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are, especially after seeing them get married.

But...... we are now bringing attention to this extremely attractive wedding guest named Louis Spencer who happens to be the official cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William.

People are asking many questions and they want answers!

How did Louis get so attractive? Is He Single?

Here are some answers for you!

Louis Spencer is 24 and the first cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William. He's the son of Princess Diana's brother.

He is the Viscount Althorp which is a British ranking below an earl and above a baron.

Since he is the son of an earl, which is less than a duke, he is is better than a baron. His sisters have the title of "lady."

Good genetics all around in this royal family.

The best part of it all ladies?! 

He is single!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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