Justin Timberlake Creates Limited Time Berry


Justin Timberlake the Fruit Innovator, it's got a nice ring to it. The multi-talented star has created what he has so cleverly named the #braspberry. It all started in December when Timberlake realized that a blueberry fits so perfectly into a raspberry, forming a delicious new tasting berry he affectionately named the braspberry. "Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits into a raspberry perfectly? I think not," he remarked in an Instagram video as he casually snacked on them. 

Fast Forward to now, Bai, the antioxidant juice company is debuting a commercial for the new drink for the braspberry. Now customers and fans can taste the braspberry just as Justin Timberlake had intended. The commercial even shows him creating his berry creation first hand.

Well now the fruit giant Driscoll has also jumped aboard the unique fruit train and are starting to sell them, making finding the braspberry in a grocery store a reality. The company has said that they have thought about making such a novelty fruit but couldn't come up with a efficient way to do so. 

Driscoll hopes to take the braspberry to the mass market once they find an easier way to make them. As of right now they are all made by hand and available for limited time only. 

We'd like to thank JT for voicing his fruit innovations with the world and we hope this creation sticks around with other greats like cotton candy grapes, pluots, and tangelos !

Ellen K

Ellen K

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