3 Things You Need In Your Relationship For It To Last

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The study of finding the secret to a long lasting relationship has been going on for years. So what does make a relationship last?

The answers are always changing, however, if you want to know if your relationship is on the right path,  these three ways are sure to tell.

1) Bidding

Bids are classified by response of either turning away or turning toward our significant other. Say you tell your spouse something important, but he or she responds with uninterest. This behavior will have your partner feeling like they lack support or attention, which is not good.

Turning toward your partner during bids for attention will create a commonality, showing that you are both interested. 


2) Bickering

Research shows that couples who bickers with one another, but can resolve their conflicts, has a better chance of having a long-lasting relationship than those who don't bicker at all. If you don't bicker, you end up holding in those unwanted emotions which will eventually explode during fights.

Open communication of what your thinking and how you feel is so important, it's what helps keep a relationship so strong.


3) Kindness

Kindness goes both ways in a relationship; it enhances your love for the other person and provides validation, comfort, and understanding. However, this doesn't mean never showing anger, but it does mean keeping in mind how we react to our partner's moods and actions. 

This trait may seem like an obvious one, but this trait speaks louder than words, as it is our actions of kindness that matter most.


There is no secret to a lasting relationship. It is a two-person effort that requires open communication and keeping an open mind to other point of views. Remember, not all disagreement is bad, and how we communicate is what strengthens our bond. 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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