McDonald's Adding "Muffin Toppers" To Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s is seemingly taking a page out of the Seinfeld playbook.

In an effort to revamp their breakfast offerings, McDonalds will begin testing “Muffin Toppers."

The baked goods consist of variously flavored muffins without their bottom half, which just happens to be Julia Louis Dreyfus’ character Elaine Benes‘ favorite part of the muffin.In Seinfeld, Elaine was obsessed with the tops of the muffins:


However, 'Seinfeld' writer, Spike Feresten, wants McDonald's to pay him for that idea. Feresten says he has no problem with McDonald's going with the idea that was originally floated in the 1997 episode of Seinfeld. 

He just wants to be compensated for it. He also believes that Jerry Seinfeld should be compensated. 

Is there any such thing as an original idea? Does Feresten have a point? Should he be paid for the idea he originally wrote into a Seinfeld episode?

Ellen K

Ellen K

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