Shuttle Bus Driver Returns Woman's Purse With Very Expensive Belongings

Here's a Feel Good that will help you remember how nice and important it is to do the right thing!

This Boston Shuttle driver performed an act of kindness.

Mark hopped off the shuttle bus to get a cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and spotted a purse that was left on the sidewalk.

Inside the purse he found credit cards and airline tickets. To his surprise he also found 8,000 in cash!

Long ago, he would of taken the cash and moved on with his day.

Marine Veteran fought drug addiction for 17 years.

His actions he performed next revealed his true character.

Mark went inside the shop, saw a mother weeping and being comforted by her two teenage children.

Recognizing her from the ID he found in the purse, he called out her name and returned her belongings.

While she tried to reward him, he turned it down and headed back to his shuttle.

She saw the name of the bus company and called his employers to recognize his good deed.

Tina, the woman who lost her purse spent years saving up her money so she could bring her kids to New England to show them her hometown.

So, it meant the world to her that he returned her purse.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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