Mayochup Is Official And You Can Choose The City It Goes To First!

Earlier this year, the Internet world lost their minds when when someone posted a Heinz of "Mayochup"on Twitter.

If you're wondering, "What is Mayochup?"

It's mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together and at the time is was only available in the Middle East.

When Heinz posted a Twitter poll, 500,000 fans voted "yes" for the condiment to come to stores in the U.S. and now it's finally happening!

Of course another poll has to be first though!

Today (9/17) and tomorrow (9/18), Heinz is letting Twitter decide which city the condiment goes to first!

Whichever city gets the most votes will be treated to a "food truck takeover," which is free french fries and Mayochup!

The three cities competing for the first taste is Culver City, Chicago, and Brooklyn!

If you don't live in those three cities don't worry because Mayochup will go nationwide later on this month!

It will be available on Amazon and at Walmart in a 16-ounce squeeze bottle. 

The best part is that "Mayochup" isn't just available for a limited time, it's here to stay!

A press release said that the brand is "excited to officially welcome Heinz Mayochup sauce to the Heinz family of products, including ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and our mos recent addition, Heinz mayonnaise."

Are you excited about Mayochup hitting stores in the U.S?!

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