Dunkin' Donuts Built A House That Runs On Used Coffee Grounds

In the morning most people just need a cup of coffee to their day started. But Dunkin' Donuts took coffee to a whole new level! They built Home That Runs on Dunkin'!

As an initiative towards a cleaner planet, the house runs on used coffee grounds. The intention was to take a wasted resource and convert into something useful, like fuel.

This coffee brand couldn't do this without any help! They partnered with Blue Marble Energy to create a biofuel made from the oil extracted from the used coffee grounds from Dunkin' Donuts. How cool is that!

This specially made biofuel is a blend of 80% coffee oil and 20% alcohol that's added to a generator that powers every part of the home!

The house and its designs were inspired by the textures and colors of Dunkin' Donuts coffee with its richness of the coffee grinds.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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