Large Chunks Of Ice Fall From The Sky In An Eastvale Neighborhood

What would you do if ice just from the sky?!

Tuesday, an Eastvale family experienced large chunks of ice falling out the sky, hitting and cracking their driveway. 

Their sons are always on the move and playing outside, except this one particular night, luckily!

The large chunks of ice fell inches from where the boys shoot hoops. It's a scary thought for the parents knowing their kids could've gotten extremely hurt. 

But where did these chunks come from?! 

According to a former airline pilot, fluid leaking from the plane at high altitude can easily freeze and fall off.

This made complete sense for the family, being their house is located in the middle of flight patterns descending into LAX and they're use to seeing planes fly overhead regularly. 

Chunks of ice falling from that altitude can hit like rocks, so thankfully no one was hurt!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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