2-Year-Old Shreds $1,000 Of Parents Savings!

No matter what you do to child-proof your house, kids will be kids!

Utah couple, Ben and Jackee Belnap learned the hard way when their 2-year-old son, Leo found an envelope of cash they left on the counter. 

The Belnap's have been saving up for the past year to pay Ben's parents back for University of Utah season football tickets. They've kept the envelope of $1,060 locked away in a cabinet out of they toddlers reach. However, they had brought it out so they would remember to deliver it one weekend, but their two-year-old had other plans.

When the envelope went missing, the Belnaps tore their house apart looking for cash. After checking anywhere and everywhere with no luck, she made it to the paper shredder.

“I’m digging through the trash and she hollers and says, ‘I found it,’” Ben told KSL-TV. “She’s holding the shredder and she says, ‘I think the money is in here.’”

She then goes to say how much Leo loves the shredder. He shreds everything...even the money! He shredded all of $1,060 into shreds. 

As heartbreaking as it was, Ben and Jackee shed a few tears then laughed. They didn't completely lose all their savings, because the US Department of Treasury can reimburse people for mutilated currency as long as the pieces of the bill be returned. 

They Belnaps are anticipating they return of their full $1,060. 

When social medis caught wind of what Leo had done, a user started a GoFundMe to help reimburse their svaings. However, the Belnaps declined the offer and asked their followers to donate to the Refugee Aid Charity.

“For like five minutes, we just shuffled through it, not talking. We didn’t know what to do and then I broke the silence and I’m like, ‘Well, this will make a great wedding story one day,’” Jackee said.

Ben and Jackee Belnap reassure Leo will not be allowed anywhere near the paper shredder again!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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