Street Signs In Ontario Are Redesigned To Honor Fallen Employees

We've seen many ways heroes of our communities get recognized for their services. 

The city of Ontario has taken recognition of employees who died while serving the city to a new and creative level--and we love it!

They've always named streets in the city after employees once they've passed, but now the street signs have been redesigned to make it easier to distinguish. 

Not only will the street be name after them, a flag with either a blue (for law enforcement) or a red line (for firefighters) will be placed next to their names.

Additionally, they've placed a QR code on each of these special street poles, you can scan and read information and biographies on each of the city heroes. 

Mayor Paul Leon said in a statement released by the city, “Our hearts go out to the families of all our fallen Ontario employees...we hope by honoring them in this way that we keep a small piece of their service alive in our community.”

This way of honoring fallen employees should be adapted in all cities! What do you think of this idea?

Ellen K

Ellen K

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