Tony Hawk Shares A Video Of A Young Boy Determined To Ride A Skateboard!

Professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk shared this inspirational video he came across on Instagram Thursday night, and it was have you in 'awe'!

We don't know the whole story, but Cezar Dal Pozzolo, also a professional skateboarder, is in the video helping Renan Prasido ride a skateboard at Martiz Skateshop. 

In Dal Pozzolo's original post, he talked about how Renan Prasido had told him how he wanted to skate or walk with a professional.

Cezar Dal Pozzolo went on to tell him:

'"You will fulfill all the dreams you want! Nothing in the world surpasses willpower! Do not find excuse to do what you want to do."'

Look at Renan Prasido go! 

With the help of Dal Pozzolo and Renan's determination and perseverance, he was able to accomplish his goal!  

What an inspiration to!

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