Do You Put A Pickle Ornament On Your Christmas Tree?

A pickle ornament on a Christmas tree definitely sounds like something out of the ordinary, but in Germany it is a tradition! 

Legend has it that on Christmas Eve, parents place the pickle ornament on the tree and the first kid who spots it is either given the first gift, an extra gift, or is the given the job of passing out presents to everyone else! Not only that, if you're the first to find it you also get good luck for the coming year!

This special tradition is known as Weihnachtsgurke in German but it is often referred to as the Christmas Pickle tradition as well.

Many of the pickle ornaments are made in Germany and sent to other countries. Apparently not as many people take part in this tradition in modern Germany, but we think it sounds so different and fun!

The root of this tradition has been debated overtime. Some say it started in Germany while others say it was the owner of a large chain of five-and-dime stores, F.W. Woolworth. Woolworth started to import glass pickle ornaments in 1880. He tells a story of a letting a child find it to help sell them in America.

No matter where it started, it sounds like a fun family tradition to test out this holiday season.

Check out a picture of one below!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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