An 'I Love Lucy' Episode Coming Out In Color Will Blow You Away

We all know how much our very own Social Queen Darlene loves the show I Love Lucy!

Many of us grew up watching it and shared many laughs together while watching this classic show in black and white. 

On Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 8/7c on CBS, The I Love Lucy Christmas Special is scheduled to air! There will be a one hour special featuring two back-to-back color! The episodes are "The Christmas Episode" and "Pioneer Women."

"The Christmas Episode" first aired on Christmas Eve, 1956 on CBS, but was not included in the rebroadcasts of series' long history. Thankfully, it was rediscovered in 1989! In this episode, the Ricardo's and their neighbors the Mertzes decorate the Christmas tree and think back on how their lives have changed since the arrival of son, Little Ricky.

"Pioneer Women" was originally telecast in 1952. In this episode, Lucy and her best friend Ethel hope to join the posh Society Matrons' League. This leads to them making a bet with their husbands over which sex, male or female, has it harder living in the bygone era.

The I Love Lucy Christmas Specials have aired on CBS for last five years! Each time the holiday-themed episode is combined with a different, classic comedic episode.

The show ran from October 15th, 1951 to June 23rd, 1957. In 2012, it was even voted "The Best TV Show of All Time" by a viewer poll in People magazine and ABC News.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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