Your Entire Outlook On People Will Change Forever After Watching This

David Flood gives a great motivational speech and warms everyone's hearts. 

He starts by challenging people to stop looking at others from the outside, but instead the inside because that is where there soul is.

Flood instructed everyone to look into the eyes of the person nest to them and say "When I look at you, I see ____."

He starts to gets emotional while talking about his son Justin who has autism. He shares a story about how his son scored a goal while playing hockey. The opposing team, who was filled with players about 10-11 years old, let Justin score a goal. Flood then said thank you to the opposing teams coach when the coach said not to thank him, but the players.

Those players on the opposing team had no idea they would touch Justin's father in such a positive way that day.

Flood reminds everyone there's a difference between being alone and being lonely. And that our lives are not all about us, but about how many people's lives we can touch.

Love truly is the best form of communication.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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