You Can Now Buy A 27lb Bucket Of Mac & Cheese From Costco!


This will MAC you smile :)

Costco never lets us down.

They just announced that they now will be selling a 27-lb tub of mac and cheese!

27lbs equals to 100 baseballs.

So if you are a cheese lover, this is perfect for you.

Chef's Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Storage bucket will hold 180 servings.

So, you'll be set for a while.

Your cheesy pasta will come in a six gallon container full of separate pouches of elbow pasta and the cheddar cheese sauce.

It will be selling for $89.99, so when it comes down to it you are only paying $2.00 per serving!

The bucket could last you two decades... depending on how much mac&cheese you truly love to eat!

If you run out, Costco has the bucket available for delivery in five to seven days! 

Will you be buying this?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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