A Feel Good Story All About Peanut Butter


We have a really special story with a peanut butter twist! It started with a 15-year old Eric McKay who is a kid from Virginia and goes by the nickname "Bean." He has Autism and LOVES peanut butter sandwiches, actually eats three of them a day!

Well, the power of social media kicked into high gear when Eric sent the tweet below:  


Eric's tweet caught the attention of a British author Neil Gaiman who helped spread the word. Within a day, Eric hit his mark and the peanut butter company gifted him with a lifetime supply of it! Eric came by the Lidl  warehouse and took him his first pallet - which should last him 5 years. 


Fast forward to this week, Eric's dad who is a furloughed federal employee, has been watching his parents struggle and that's when he decided he wanted to help everyone. So, Eric went back to Lidl and said he'd like to share his lifetime supply with any and all out-of-work federal employees. Lidl agreed and any worker with a government ID can present for a few free jars. 

Ellen K

Ellen K

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