Who Is The Billionaire Erasing Student Debt From Morehouse College Grads?

The billionaire investor who gave an incredible gift to the class of 2019 has gone viral! His name is Robert Frederick Smith and he as he closed his commencement speech, he gave the ultimate graduation gift, a life without student loan debt! Mr. Smith has kept his good acts under wraps, but now that he's gone viral people want to know more about Robert F. Smith. Here are some fun facts:

  • Both of his parents have doctorate degrees in Education and their house was always filled with different types of music.
  • As a little boy, he was interested in computers and that knack changed his life & led him to his now fortune!
  • When he was in high school, he'd call a company every week for five months until he landed a spot.
  • He studied Chemical Engineering at Cornell. Earned his MBA from Columbia.
  • Worked for an investment firm and realized he needed to create his own.
  • Founded Vista Equity Partners in 2000 and is now worth $46-billion dollars!
  • He stayed loving music, and it reflected in the names of his two sons, Hendrix and Legend — ain tribute to musicians Jimi Hendrix and John Legend.

In an interview, he once said,

“A beautifully written software code is a lyrical concerto.”

Listen to his speech and be inspired!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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