Star Wars: Galaxy Edge Sells Sweet & Spicy Popcorn!

Have you visited Star Wars: Galaxy Edge in Disneyland yet?!

If you've been on Instagram, you've probably seen all the creative Star Wars themed drinks and food they have for you to try!

One of the popular snacks selling fast is the sweet and spicy popcorn mixture!

It's called Outpost Popcorn Mix which is a blend of sweet and spicy flavors in coconut oil with a red and purple coating.

Some people who have tried the snack say that it has a very strong grape flavor and is only mildly spicy!

You can find this sweet and spicy treat at Kat Saka's Kettle in Black Spire Outpost and it's under $7.00!

At Disneyland, sounds like a deal to me!

Will you be giving this snack a try?!

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