40% Of People Feel This Is The Most Annoying Type Of Person On Facebook

Q: 40% of people feel THIS is the most annoying type of person on Facebook

A:  PDA people

If you are an active Facebook user, we all have those people that annoy us online.

Besides 40% of people feeling that the most annoying type of person on Facebook is someone that is always displaying PDA, there's a list of reasons of things people shouldn't post as much as they do.

According to this website, here's the top ten reasons why people are annoying on your Facebook page.

  1. Selfies! You just absolutely love everything about yourself. You take a selfie almost everywhere you go. We get it, you are your biggest fan!
  2. You make your life seem better than it actually is. You are one of those people that make sure everyone knows how amazing your family, friends, kids are at all times.
  3. Your Love Life. We get it. Your Dating!
  4. Feed Clogging. You are just non-stop posting updates of your life
  5. Emotional Outbursts. You get in a fight with a family member or boyfriend/girlfriend and rant about it online. Hm. Get a diary!
  6. You. A person who just doesn't stop talking/writing about how great they are.
  7. #Hashtags #You #Dont #Need #To #Hashtag #Everything
  8. Opinions.... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you don't need to write paragraphs about it!
  9. You make it way too obvious you think your cool.
  10. Enabler. The one friend that comments on everything the annoying friend believes and makes the person who non-stops post believe they have an audience.

Well, this is just to name a few things.

Does anyone else have this problem or agree with this list?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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