Fast Food Drive-Thru In Long Beach Is 100% Vegan & Coming Soon!

If you are looking for a fast food Vegan restaurant, well you are in luck!

Once you say the word vegan, I bet your mind automatically goes to greens, tofu and just plant-y like foods.

Which is somewhat true!

Long Beach now has a fast food drive-thru called Plant Power Fast Food.

The founder of the fast food restaurant Zach Vouga stated that vegan food is stigmatized and he wants to change that.

He stated "When you come in here, what you're going to find isn't a "meat is murder" vegan restaurant, but you find burgers, fries and shakes made entirely from plants."

What a great idea! So anyone who is vegan out there by choice or no choice, you have to try this place out!

As of right now, this drive-thru isn't operating just yet.

Plant Power Food originates from San Diego and just opened their new location in Long Beach which opened up on June 28th.

Vouga really believes that fast food is important to Americans due to their busy schedules and families always on the go.

He wants to make a healthier option where families aren't always needing to stop at McDonald's.

At Plant Power Fast Food, you can choose from The Classic Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wings, Old Fashioned Milkshake and more!

For a closer look at their menu, click here.

They even serve breakfast! Fast vegan food all day long!

If you are looking to check out the new Long Beach location out, it's located at 5095 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA.

Ellen K

Ellen K

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