Marvel Is Auctioning Off Props From Cancelled Netflix Shows!

Calling all Marvel fans! You're going to love this!

Are you a true superhero fan at heart? Or maybe you have kid's who love Marvel!

Here's the scoop!

Marvel and Prop Store are teaming up and auctioning off over 850 props from Netflix shows!

They'll be items from Daredevil, Luke Cake and Iron Fist.

The auction will have costumes, set decorations and props from Marvel's Netflix lineup.

How cool is that?!

One of the most expensive items in the auction is Matt Murdock's Daredevil costume which is starting at $10,000!

They believe that people will be willing to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000!

Which is crazy! Would you pay that much money?!

Luke Cage starts at $6,000 and is estimated between $12,00 to $15,000!

Murdock's cassette recorder starts at $150 and Elektra Natchios robe will be $250!

If you are interested, online bidding has already started!

Each winning bid will be gifted a Marvel and Prop Store certificate of authenticity signed by show executive producer and Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer!

Prospective buyers can register for bidding over the phone during the live television auction which is on August 12th-13th.

What's your favorite Marvel comic?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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