Brad Pitt Questions Leo Why He Didn't Fit On The Titanic Door

By now, we've all seen the Titanic and all have the same question.

How didn't Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) fit on the door with Rose?!

We all know that both of them could of fit, it's a topic that has been going on for years now and we want answers.

Lucky for us, Brad Pitt had the same question!

DiCaprio was asked the question when doing press for his new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

His co-stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were very curious on his answer.

Here we are 22 years later and DiCaprio doesn't even want to share!

During this interview with MTV, he dodged questions about the theory his cast-mates wouldn't let go.

In the video you just see him sit there with a sly smile and no comment.

What do you think? Do you think they both could of fit?!

Ellen K

Ellen K

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