Woman's Scary Pregnancy Scan Shows Demon Baby Staring Right At Her!

We all know how advanced technology is now, especially when it comes to seeing a first look at your unborn child! All moms and dads look forward to seeing their baby for the first time.

This mom from Richmond, Virginia got a first look at her baby and the photo was a little frightening. At 24 weeks, Iyanna Carrington saw her baby smiling at her from inside! She found out it was a baby girl and her midwife revealed the photo to her.

When she pulled the photo up on the screen, the photo wasn't what you would expect to see!

The baby was looking directly at the camera with a slight smile! Kind of creepy!

Iyanna shared the photo later on Facebook and wrote : "I’d never seen anything like it. I was going to see whether she was a boy or girl. I love this devil baby so much already. They showed her face and she looked normal, then the nurse confirmed she was girl, but I knew that deep down already. Then they put it back on her face and she was just looking right at me like that. I said ‘she looks like a ghost’ in the doctor’s office and the doctor said ‘yeah, that’s very [normal]’. She looked a bit crazy. Most babies hide from the camera. She looked towards straight at me and she scared me a bit because the room was dark. I don’t know why she looked like that. Some people from the internet thought she was fake, but that’s my real life baby there."

Check out the photo below! Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Ellen K

Ellen K

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