A Great White Shark Sank Its Teeth Into A Man's Kayak In California!

This is just terrifying! A kayaker just came close and personal with a great white shark off the coast of California!

According to Danny McDaniel and his friend Jon, they were out on a kayak near Ship Rock which is two miles east of Santa Catalina Island when Danny felt something hit the side of their kayak.

At first, he thought his friend was just messing around with him, but it was way too strong of a force. The two men realized that it was actually a huge great white shark hitting the side of the boat.

The shark sunk its teeth into the back end of the boat and then pushed Danny around until he was face-to-face with his friend.

When they looked at the water, they could see the whole upper body of the shark. It only lasted five seconds and then the shark swam away. They said the shark was double the length of the nine-foot boat.

Yikes! Have you ever experienced something like this before?

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