UFO Was Spotted In North Carolina! (WATCH)

Wait until you see this video. Seriously, what is going on?!

This video below shoes unidentified flying objects over North Carolina's Outer Banks. You see nothing but calmness over the ocean and then 14 glowing lights hovering over the water appear.

If you listen closely, you hear someone say "Look, nothing in the sky at all, then all of the sudden, anybody tell me what that is?"

You then hear people commenting on the lights. No one saw any people around, no boat, just nothing. One person thinks the lights could of been from a nearby military base.

Approximately 125 miles west of Outer Banks there is a military base located. According to Derrick Chennault who was a former Marine, he said “We used to regularly drop flares out of the back of our plane in the evenings for military exercises in that area."

It was then confirmed that a spokesman from the military base confirmed to Fox 10 Phoenix that no aircraft from the base was in the area when the video was posted.

What do you think the lights were?

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