Thrifty Is Selling Their Signature Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers!

If you are a fan of Thrifty Ice Cream, you'll love this news! Thrifty is now selling their signature cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers!

So if you are an Angeleno, you know what I'm talking about! It's the signature cylindrical scoops that generations have grown up with and now, you can own one in your home!

Did you ever think you would be able to have that perfect circle of ice cream in the comfort of your home?! These scoopers were first spotted on eBay for $121.50! Which is a little pricey for an ice cream scooper. One near Hemet drew 25 bids for one!

Don't worry, if you are lucky enough to find these scoopers in a Rite Aid near you, they are selling for $19.99! So once you find one, make sure you head over to your local grocery store, purchase a tub of Thirfty Ice Cream and start scooping away!

Did you grow up with Thrifty Ice Cream?!

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