Cheetos Announces Official Name For Your Dusty Cheese Fingers!

Anytime you eat Cheetos, you know that there will be red-orange dust covering your finger tips after eating a few.

Now, Cheetos has announced the official name for the dusty cheese residue that is left on your fingers! Frito Lay named the dust "Cheetle."

Cheetos just released a new popcorn that will be available in both cheddar and flamin' hot flavors. So the new phrase comes with the popcorn since it will be leaving your fingers "Cheetle."

According to Brandi Ray, who is the senior director of marketing, she stated “The only way to truly take popcorn to the next level is to add the iconic Cheetle, the cheesy dust that will entice Cheetos fans to snack on this popcorn all year long.”

Who would of thought the cheese dust residue on your fingers would have a real name some day?!

What's your favorite type of Cheeto?!

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