Why Did Pixar Make Me Cry Again? The Message Behind "Loop"

One thing I really look forward to over the weekend is finding something on TV that captures my attention and takes me away for an hour or two. Lately, there's been so much content to watch. I've been catching up on with all of the movies and TV shows being nominated for awards. Plus, there's a lot of sports to watch with football play-offs, basketball and as of late, Disney+ has been releasing new content on Friday's. This past weekend, I was busy watching the Kansas City Chiefs turn their fate around, beating the Texans 51-31! That was a crazy game! I went back and forth between football and the Laker game enjoying a cozy night home with the family. Eventually, there were no more games to watch, so we decided to stream Disney's latest live-action movie, "Aladdin" featuring Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud (who should play Prince in a movie if they ever make one!) I was trying not to pay attention to all of the negative reviews the movie received and I'm so glad I gave it a chance because I ended up really enjoying myself. The 2019 Disney's "Aladdin" really made my night. The style was a little different when it came to the songs, but overall the lyrics remained and it was enough to keep me singing along. Give it a shot, I thought it was well done!

All of this to say, I was content with my weekend's selections. Sunday came around and that anxious feeling started to set in, which to me usually hits around 4pm. It's when I realize the weekend's over and the checklist for a busy week starts building in my mind. My family and I prepped for the week, I was able to clean my room and before we drifted off to bed we snuck in some TV time. We didn't have too much time to stay up, so we went to Disney+ and selected their newly released shortfilm by Pixar. The short films became really popular the past decade or so as one would be selected to play during previews before a new Pixar movie was shown in theaters. Now, they're called, "Sparkshorts." Fun fact: They're called "Sparkshorts" because Disney-Pixar wanted a way to showcase their employees "sparks of creativity" using an Indie approach and allowing them to bring their experiences to animation for others to enjoy. So far, there has been some really incredible Sparkshorts, one being about a kitty & a pitbulll that become best friends, named "Kitbull" and is actually up for an Oscar! This morning "Kitbull" was nominated for "Best Animated Short" for the upcoming Academy Awards!

Little did I know, I was in for the best 9-minutes of TV I've ever seen. The latest Sparkshort released to the world on Disney+ this past Friday, January 10th struck a chord so deep in my heart, I couldn't even respond in one single emotion. We laughed and we cried all at the same time. It was so beautifully made and reminds me so much of my 12-year old daughter Bella who has Down syndrome, Autism and is non-verbal. The main character in this short film is a teenage girl named Renee who has Autism and is non-verbal. If you're unsure what non-verbal means, don't feel bad, a lot of this is new to society and our world. Which is why it made me so happy to see it shown in a Disney-Pixar animation! Someone like my daughter is being represented to the masses and I really hope people take the time to watch this short film and appreciate it's core value of how someone with a different way of communicating may be extremely different, but never less. Thank you Disney+ and all who were involved in getting this out there. I LOVED IT!

I'm going to be doing a Facebook live reaction video with my daughter so you can see her and her similarities to the character on "Loop" tonight at 8:30pm PT. I'm going to share with you the deeper meaning behind the title and how it resonates in our life. Let me know what you think about it. Feel free to e-mail me at darlenekost1035@gmail.com.

Remember, "different, not less."

Producer Darlene & Daughter Bella Are Hosting The 2019 Buddy Walk In LA - Thumbnail Image

Producer Darlene & Daughter Bella Are Hosting The 2019 Buddy Walk In LA

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