Oreo Will Be Releasing Pink Easter Egg Cookies!

Even though it's only the middle of January, it makes sense that stores are starting to prepare for upcoming Holidays. As soon as Christmas ended, you could already find Valentine's Day themed chocolate and decorations in stores.

Now, you have something to look forward to in the Spring!

Easter Egg Oreos! They are Golden Oreos that have been dyed pink and look just like a decorated Easter Egg! They aren't any particular flavor, just pink and festive!

Each pack will contain five different Easter Egg designs. Last year they released egg-shaped cookies but they weren't pink and does anyone remember the Peep flavored ones?!

Oreo confirmed these cookies will be available for a limited time starting next month. We have a little while until Easter, which falls on April 12th this year. I guess it's never too early for a festive Oreo cookie!

Are you going to give these a try this year?

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