Starbucks Now Sells A Shiny Mermaid Tumbler!

Now that our favorite Holiday cups are gone from Starbucks... what do we do?!

No worries! Starbucks is now selling a shiny Mermaid Tumbler! The reusable mermaid Starbucks tumbler is something you'd see out of a fairy-tale. You may have already seen that the coffee chain released their Valentine's Day collection which comes full of glitter, floral and pink hearts!

The mermaid tumbler isn't seasonally festive, just another option if you aren't a fan of Valentine's Day. The cups have a holographic-look with a shine. They also come with a delicate scale like design that screams mermaid!

As of right now, this cup has been spotted by a few users on Instagram. So next time you are at Starbucks, you might see this cup available for purchase! It will cost you $16.95.

Do you think you'll purchase one?

Ellen K

Ellen K

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