OREO Has A Dunking Set For Two... Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

When love meets Milk's favorite cookie!

If you aren't planning anything big for Valentine's Day this year, this will be perfect for you. If you just feel like spending the night at home with your special someone, pick up one of these Oreo Dunking Kits for two!

Nothing says "I love you" like an Oreo cookie! This kit comes with a pair of glass mugs that read " We go together" and the other mug says "Like Milk and Cookies." It comes with 12 Oreos, two tongs for dunking and then one red heart-shaped cookie holder that will attach to both mugs!

If you are looking to purchase one of these, you can pick one up at Walmart for $18.00! For you and your significant other.... or maybe just double the fun for you!

Are you going to pick one of these up?

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