Trader Joe's & Costco Are Selling "Money Trees" That Attract Wealth

Next time your at Trader Joe's or Costco... you might spot this money tree!

Right now, a number of retailers are selling "Money Trees"! So maybe this will bring you some luck. The tree is a tropical plant that is native to central and South America called Pachira Aquatica.

It loves a warm and wet climate, but it's easy to take care of indoors and luckily for those of you who forget to water your plants, it's pretty impossible to kill. The plant is known as the money tree because it has five leaves on each of the stems.

If you spot one at Trader Joe's, it will cost you $8.99, if your at Costco it will probably cost you closer to $20.00!

Maybe these trees will bring you some luck! Have you ever had one before?

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