California Officials Ask You Not To Flush T-Shirts Instead Of Toilet Paper!

Due to the shortage of toilet paper, people are getting a little out of hand when it comes down to using an alternative. Officials in California are now warning people to be aware of what they are flushing!

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, officials discouraged hoarding supplies such as paper towels and toilet paper which are very hard to find on shelves lately. All toilet paper sales have jumped about 213% nationally since March 13th. Stores of course are still getting shipments, but shelves empty out so quickly as soon as they are restocked.

Wastewater management is now concerned because someone used shredded T-shirts in place of toilet paper that then caused a sewer backup. The T-Shirts caused pumps in the city's sewer lines to clog at a lift station, which could of end up leading to a dangerous spill.

They stated "Clogs in the sewer system can cause fecal matter to back up into showers, toilets and sinks, putting the community at large at risk for another health crisis." If you are going to flush anything besides toilet paper, it is suggested that you bag it, rather than flush it. paper, you should bag it, not flush it.

Keep this in mind!

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