Norms Is Offering 71-Cent Diner Breakfast To Celebrate Their 71st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Norms!

In honor of their 71st birthday, Norms is giving us the real gift! They will be offering 71-cent breakfast! The diner chain began back in 1949 with over two dozen locations. They were one of the first 24-hour restaurants with plenty of home style classic meals to choose from.

So, to celebrate their special day, 20 Norms locations will be offering a pretty cheap breakfast! All you'll need to do is stop by one of the 20 locations on Wednesday, October 28th. You'll be able to pick up a plate of two eggs with bacon strips or sausage links, plus two made-from-scratch hotcakes all for 71 cents.

Here's something else exciting, Norms will be sharing their birthday with anyone else who is also turning 71 this year! You'll be able to visit Norms between October 21st and 27th and be able to enjoy a free dine-in breakfast! You just need proof of your actual birthdate.

Sounds like the perfect plan to me!

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