“We Can Do Better” Is A Song The World Needs Right Now

Los Angeles-based recording artists Jessica Jarrell and Orange County trio, "The RoneyBoys" have released their heartfelt new single “We Can Do Better.” The song was written by our songwriter friend Marco Gonzalez and was inspired by the current state of our world. The R&B-style track, produced by B. Howard, emphasizes the importance of equality, fighting injustice and spreading happiness. 

“I wanted those listening to feel inspired knowing that if we all do better as individuals, it will help to bring about the change we need,” says Gonzalez, who resides with his family in Los Angeles. “As a dad of two boys, writing the lyrics about the safety of our kids was pretty emotional for me.” He’s referring to the lyrics: “When we kiss our kids goodbye. The innocence in their eyes. God, keep them safe. May they live another day.”

Jarrell, who has recorded and toured with Justin Bieber, sings lyrics like: “We can do better. Together we can win. Let’s stop the violence. It kills the spirit within.” Aside from releasing numerous hit singles, her career highlight has been performing at the White House for President Obama and President-elect Joe Biden. 

The RoneyBoys, who are mentored by iconic record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, got their big break when Bruno Mars retweeted the brothers covering his hit single “The Lazy Song.” Since then, they have built a massive social media following, racking up millions of views on their popular YouTube channel. 

“We Can Do Better” is available on iTunes and all streaming platforms. The official music video has also been released on YouTube.