Finneas Shares Special Song He Wrote For Amanda Kloots & Her Late Husband

Our friends at The Talk on CBS kicked off their new shows in 2021 with an infectiously inspirational woman, Amanda Kloots. Amanda went through a tragic loss when her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero went through a grueling journey with COVID, which tragically ended his life, leaving behind his wife Amanda and their little boy Elvis. Recently, Amanda shared she's ready for therapy on "The Talk" and was blown away by Finneas' song inspired by her late husband Nick Cordero. 

"He DM'd me...and he said, 'I wrote this song. I imagined you singing it to Nick at the hospital, kind of filling him in on what was happening in the world and also everything that was happening with you and Elvis and him at the time.' And, I was blown away by the song. I still am every time I hear it. It brings me to tears."

Watch Amanda Kloots sharing the story and piece of the song here:

Listen to the beautiful song, "What They'll Say About Us" below: