Check Out The Revised Dates For All 2021 Award Shows

The pandemic has changed everything, including awards shows. The lockdown really affected the Tony Awards as Broadway had to close, and so, this year there will be no Tony Awards. As for the rest, everyone's trying to make it work. Here's the dates of award shows still happening:

Feb. 28: Golden Globe Awards ceremony

Mar. 7: Critics Choice Awards

Mar. 14: Grammy Awards

Mar. 18th: iHeart Radio Awards

March 21: Writers Guild of America Awards ceremony

March 24: Producers Guild of America Awards

April 4: Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony

April 6: Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony

April 10: Art Directors Guild Awards ceremony

April 10: Directors Guild of America Awards ceremony

April 25: Oscars ceremony

Photo credit: Ellen K

Photo credit: Ellen K

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images