Casa Vega To Reopen On National Margarita Day!

photocredit: gettyimages

Casa Vega will officially reopen for in-person dining today, which is National Margarita Day!

The restaurant has been closed since December 20th when outdoor dining was temporarily suspended across the County.

In a statement, Casa Vega stated "We ask for your patience as we take a few weeks to recall our staff, review/implement all the safety guidelines, set back up our kitchen, cook everything from scratch, open up our restaurant/bar and two outdoor patios. Unfortunately, you can't just flip on a switch and open a restaurant. From day one, our priority has been the safety of our staff and customers. Second, was to create a beautiful outdoor space for our customers to do enjoy. Both things take time to do correctly."

Are you excited about their re-opening?! Click here for more info.