From Freezing Temperatures In Texas To Heartwarming Stories Worth Sharing

Texas residents found there was always someone nearby willing to help. We've collected some of the best stories of neighbors helping neighbors, pets helping owners stay warm & surprising ways heroes stepped in to help. Read the stories we found on Facebook below:

Nazrin Arani in Texas shared a special story of how her dog Raleigh became her hero! She wrote: 

“My home lost power the very first day of the Texas storm at around 2AM and by the night the temperature in my home dropped to the teens as the heat eventually faded away quickly.  
I’m a student that lives with my dog Raleigh and my parrot of 15 years. I’ve had him since I was in elementary school. My parrot almost froze to death that first night— Raleigh nudged me awake in the middle of the night and I saw he wasn’t moving anymore— so I had him in my shirt under layers of blankets trying my hardest to keep him alive. Raleigh is not usually a cuddly dog at all but every time I’d start shivering he’d crawl on top of us and lay there until we heated back up, and then he’d go curl back up at my feet. We all survived the first night and the next morning when I saw I had no running water anymore I got them all in my car and did whatever it took to find a way past the road blocks to get out of town. 
After a few hours of pretty treacherous driving conditions on ice I made it to my folks out of town where there was power. During that lonely night in the cold and dark I was grateful to have my dog, who was so perceptive and loving on a night when I felt so very hopeless and desperate. I know most people would think they’re just animals and nothing more but they’re my little family and I need them just as much as they need me."

Carol Venegas on Facebook wrote:

"Our neighbor Gary Adams Sr. We live In Texas City and Our lights went out Monday at 2am and we have have 6 kids at home. Tuesday night Gary brought us a generator to use. We were able to get all 8 of in one room to keep warm. My husband has only been out of the hospital a couple weeks recovering from Covid. My husband was in The hospital for 23 day and 8 of those days he was on a ventilator. Gary was our hero. We were out of power for 65 hours.
Gary was our hero before this also. He organized a benefit for us a couple weeks ago for us . We own a lawn service that we work together. Since my husband was in the hospital we were able to work and earn money for our family. So Gary surprised us with the benefit that helped us out so much. My husband is better but developed neuropathy in his feet from Covid and still has a long road to recovery. We are not sure when he will be able to work but I thank God he is alive and home. I thank God for the help Gary has provided."

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