StubHub Set To Refund Canceled Events After Pandemic Complaints!

photocredit: gettyimages

StubHub is now offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic. Back in March 2020, there was a no-refunds policy that was changed, announcing that it would give customers credit rather than cash when concerts, sport games and other events were canceled.

Customers complained to the media and even filed lawsuits. Daron Fowlks, Vice President of Customer Service for StubHub declined to comment on litigation but stated that customers who purchased tickets to events in the USA or Canada before March 25th, 2020 were issued credits for the cancellations and will get refunds. Those will be paid out by the end of May. You will be able to keep your credit if you like but StubHub won't offer refunds to anyone who bought a ticket after March 25th of last year if an event is canceled, only credits.

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