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Ed Sheeran Catches Up With Ellen K About His New Song "Bad Habits" & More!

The wait is over! It's been a while since we've had new music from Ed Sheeran, but he's back! Our good friend joined us on the Ellen K Morning Show to talk about his new song "Bad Habits", married life, his new baby and more!

Ellen talked to Ed about his "Friends" dancing video with Courteney Cox and gave him a few tips on his dancing skills.

"We did loads of takes on that, and the song was going down to the last take, we had to get it up that night, we did get it completely right, but you just couldn't see it good enough."

He even told us how he introduced Johnny to her!

"I first met her in 2013, I played some songs and she said to me, you want to crash? I actually just lived there for a while, I was working with Johnny, I didn't really notice they were talking, then they were dating and it's been 8 years now! she stays at my place when I'm in England,I stay at hers when I am in LA, she'd be offended if I stayed anywhere else."

Ed gave us a look into his new song and even told us about a new tattoo he got in honor of it.

"It's upbeat and dark, it's about how more bad habits lead to more bad habits, Friday night starts, I'll have a salad, maybe a beer and before you know it, it's 4'o clock in the morning and you are drinking tequila out of someone's belly button."

Check out his interview and new song "Bad Habits" with Ellen K on the Ellen K Morning Show below!

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