The Hottest Nail Trends Coming This Fall!

PICS: Lakies, you know you love doing your nails! But what are the trends coming this fall, because summer is almost over? Well Cosmo's Chloe Metzger and Brooke Shunatona decided to share some of the top nail trends coming this fall in their article! And I think they are spot on. Here are some of their nail trends:

Leopard Print Nails


This is the top trend from the summer going int the fall. But the ladies from the article suggest that you only sprinkle the edges with the animal print, so it doesn't overpower your nails.

Spot Nails


According to the article, don't make all the dots perfectly shaped to look like polka dots. The key is to make the circles different in shape and sizes.

Milky-White Nails


Simple and elegant, this seems to be on the rise for trends this fall.

Accent Tips


The design is totally up to you, but just decorating the tips of your nails looks so beautiful! A simple gel finish on the nail with a fancy outline changes the whole nail look!

Pearl Embellishments


Pearls aren't just for your necklace and ears anymore. Check out how a little pearls with some nail polish can transform your hand!

Diamanté Designs


It's all about the bling in this design! A small stripe of sparkle makes this normal black design into something all the ladies will love!

Metallic Motifs


This just looks so beautiful, and would be perfect for a night out.

Negative Space


Don't you hate when your nail polish chips! Well, now with this new design, you can make it look intentional when it does start to chip

Neon Nails


Neon was one of the hottest trends in fashion this year, and now you can get it on your nails! Don't miss out on this!

Floral Patterns


What is more fall than floral! Right? Get in the right fall colors and you will be the talk of all your lady friends!



Here is a very cool block letter format that you can rock with all your fall outfits! Also, they are perfect for social media!

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