Newborn Twins Hold Hands Moments After Being Born

Just over a year ago, California-based nutritionist, Celi, gave birth to her beautiful set of twins.

Giving birth alone is such a beautiful miracle, but what happened right after in the case is truly so special.

Immediately after Celi's twins arrival, a video was taken that went viral. After watching it for only a quick few seconds, it is easy to see how and why it spread so fast.

In an Instagram post, Celi recounted the hours she spent leading up to her C-section of her twins. Alongside it is a video of the newborn babies lying on the new mom's chest. Practically instantly, one of the twins extended her hand out toward her sister. Right away, the other twin sister responds by gripping and squeezing her fingers. Then, the new siblings continue to grip each other's hands as they start to absorb their new life outside their mother's shared womb.

If you listen to the video closely, you can hear doctors, nurses, and loved ones in the background say "That's so precious." "You're going to make me cry." "I've never seen them do that." "That is amazing." "How cute is that?!" as they stand in awe of this incredible moment.

I've always heard that twins have an extra special bond, and now I've seen the proof! Juts look at how early their twin bond starts! I'm sure that is something that will follow them throughout their life and they will always have this precious video to look back and reflect on together.

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Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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