22 New Items Disney Has Introduced This Year

1. Halloween Mickey Pumpkin Hats

It may only be the start of September, but that just means it's Halloween Time at Disneyland! Well as if you needed another reason to head on down to Disney, this new hat will have you running there! Halloween Pumpkin Mickey hats have been spotted at the Disney parks and trust me when I say...YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT! The hat has jack-o'-lantern grin face on the front, embroidery on the back that says "Hey, Pumpkin," and of course it's all complete with Mickey ears!

2. Dark Avalanche Doughnuts

You may have seen different types of doughnuts and those Matterhorn macaroons being sold at Disneyland. Well now think of those Matterhorn Macaroons and those delicious doughnuts combined! Introducing: Dark Avalanche Doughnuts! The doughnut is topped with Butterfinger bars, a chocolate dipped/Butterfinger sprinkled Matterhorn Macaroon. Then there's also chocolate chip macaroon cookie pieces, coconut shavings, and drizzled with caramel! It's being sold at the Cappuccino/Coffee Cart near the entrance of Frontierland and based on one Instagram user this doughnut is a hit!

3. Cookies And Cream Funnel Cake Fries

Disney calories don't count right?! Check out their newest creation Cookies and Cream Funnel Cake Fries! Available at Disney's California Adventure Park's, Award Wieners has added these sweet desserts to its menu as part of their "Halloween Time Offerings." They've taken funnel cake to a whole new level! But, a delicious one!!

The mouth-watering funnel cake fries are topped with yummy cream cheese, fluffy whipped cream and finished with crushed chocolate cream cookies (that look like Oreos) Yum! Cookies and Cream Funnel Cake Fries are super affordable at $7.99. They're only available for a limited time, so don't miss out!

4. A Nightmare Before Christmas Home Collection

Disney is celebrating the film's 25th anniversary and of course, they have to celebrate in style with this collection. There's something for everyone including our pets and here is what you can expect from the new line:

1. Jack Skellington Salt & Pepper Shaker Set 2. Zero Figural Mug 3. Jack Skellington Kitchen Canister 

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas Lunch Plates 5.The Nightmare Before Christmas Table Cover

6. Jack Skellington Pet Bowl 7. Nightmare Before Christmas' Sally Print

8. Jack Skellington Lunch Napkins 9. Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Ornaments

10. Jack Skellington and Sally Pet Blanket 11. Jack Skellington Tumbler with Straw 12. Frame Ornament

5. Alcohol (Coming 2019) 

Oga's Cantina will open in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and they'll be selling alcohol! This is the first time is Disneyland's history they're selling booze! 

Oga's cantina will feature premixed, space-themed alcoholic beverages, beer and wine to "pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers, locals and galactic travelers." 

6. Mickey Shaped Pumpkin Beignets

It's pumpkin spice season! Disney has given us plenty of festive, fall goodies so far and they've added new Pumpkin Beignets! These soft, lightly spiced, Mickey-shaped beignets are available plain or covered in powdered sugar and served with a vanilla dipping sauce! What's more your style, powdered sugar or plain?!

You can find this sweet Mickey treats at Mint Julep Bar near New Orleans square inside Disneyland. They're available for a limited time, so hurry and get your hands on these sweets before they're gone!

7. Vans Mickey Mouse Collection

Vans is celebrating the main man Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday in the best way possible! Disney x Vans are teaming up once again for a Mickey Mouse collection! This time the collection is being released through Vans' premium Vault label, so it looks vintage! In honor of Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, which will officially take place on November 18, Disney and Vans got four major artists involved with this line! There's everything from sneakers to t-shirts and they are designed through each artist's vision!

8. Backpacks Inspired By Your Favorite Rides

Disney parks just announced that they will soon start selling mini backpacks inspired by some of your favorite rides! There's an “It’s a Small World” inspired backpack that has white and gold smiley-face details that looks exactly like the attraction! They’ll be available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks soon. 

9. Halloween Merchandise

Mickey's Halloween Party kicks off at Disneyland on September 19th and we couldn't be anymore excited! Not only are they having Mickey themed merch, but there's also a lot of Hocus Pocus themed merch in honor of the movie's 25th anniversary! Guests can find items like an annual Passholder exclusive tote bag, t-shirts, mugs, a snow globe and so much more! There's even three T-shirts resembling outfits worn by the Sanderson Sisters!

10. Candy Corn Mickey Ears

With Halloween right around the corner we've seen some spooky Mickey ears, but now we have fun ones! Check out these cute candy corn mickey ears! The yellow, orange and white really pop against the classic Mickey ears, all complete with some sparkle! Classic Minnie with a sweet, candy twist! Disney also brought back the orange and black polka dot ears we fell in love with last year.

11. Mermaid Doughnuts

The Mermaid Donut is made from a yeast donut topped with pastel purple icing, sparkly purple sprinkles, and white chocolate treasures. Of course, what would be a Mermaid Donut without a mermaid tail that looks just like Ariel's sticking out from the donut center!! The doughnut can be found in Ariel's Grotto section in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. Head to Prince Eric's Village Market across from the Little Mermaid ride to pick one up!

12. Haunted Mansion Minnie Mouse Ears

The ears are purple with black stitching and has a black and green striped bow and a purple bat sitting a top. These can be found at the Port Royal store in New Orleans Square for $24.99. These ears are perfect to socialize with those grim grinning ghosts on the Haunted Mansion!

13. Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker Minnie Ears

Introducing: Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker Minnie Mouse ears! The ears are blue and pink, with a flower print on the ears as well as big pink bow that looks like a giant tutu. There's even a little-stitched umbrella on the side. You can buy the ears at Port Royal in New Orleans Square and they cost $24.99.

14. Coco Minnie Mouse Ears

If you've seen the Pixar animated film Coco, you'll know that the movie is all about Dia de los meurtos. Well, it's been almost a year since the movie has been released and Coco inspired Minnie ears have finally hit Disney shelves. You can buy your colorful ears at Disney's California Adventure. The ears have a festive print with skulls and swirls and even have bright flowers along the headband as well as a big plastic bow. These are available at Elias and Co. (the big store near when you enter California Adventure) for $25.

15. Booze-Filled Ice Cream Floats

The Hard Float is an ice cream bar served in your choice of either hard soda (Henry's Hard Orange Soda or Coney Island Hard Root Beer) or dark beer (Guiness Extra Stout).  You can find the Hard Float at Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream for $10.49. 

There are already excellent reviews online of the treat with a twist. Food_and_beertography said on Instagram: "I love Disneyland but Disney California Adventure is where the beer (emoji) is. This was my first time trying a Beer Float and it was pretty refreshing! I had the Guinness Extra Stout. I will need to try the other two next time."

16. Jack-Jack Cookies

Jack-Jack's Cookie Num Num is one of the many new items that just opened at Pixar Pier. You have the option of the soft chocolate-y chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chunks and it's even served warm. There is also a shortbread cookie and gluten-friendly Incredicookie to choose from as well. For $6 they are worth every bite!

17. Unicorn Cupcakes

If you have a sweet tooth and love unicorns, you'll be happy about this news! Disneyland now has a new unicorn cupcake! From rainbow icing, sparkles, edible pearls, confetti and a secret filling! You can purchase this sweet treat for $7.00 at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. The cupcake has been described as a sweet confetti cake base filled with a mango-passion fruit center that's topped with a white chocolate and champagne frosting. It's decorated with a white chocolate horn, chocolate ears and edible glitter! 

18. Coco Jarrita Mugs

When Pixar Fest first started the Disney Parks sold these small Coco mugs, but it was hard to find because they sold out so fast! Now it's your time to shine and get your own because Disney just brought them back!!

The Coco jarrita souvenir mug is a small mug is ceramic and styled after Mexican clay pottery. On the back of the mug it says "Remember Me" in both English and Spanish just like the song from the movie. You can find this must inside Disneyland at Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland and also at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill in California Adventure.

19. Sour Apple Churros!

Disneyland never fails when it comes to having fun and yummy things to eat. With that being said, check out these sour apple churros! From those lucky enough to have already tried it, they reported that it is just as sour as they look! They also come with a side of caramel dipping sauce which sounds simply amazing. This reminds me of those lollipops everyone loves! I'm sure everyone will love these churros as well.

20. Candy Corn Churros

The new Candy Corn churro is an orange sugar churro with a candy corn dipping sauce! You can find it at the churro cart near Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland and it will cost you $5.75! Just a heads up when you go to the churro cart don't be fooled because you will see a sign with pictures of plain churros next to some candy corn and the dipping sauce!

You may be wondering...how do these churros taste?

Well the orange and yellow sprinkles are flavorless so it tastes like a normal churro, but it's all about the dipping sauce!

21. Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Right now Disney is bringing the movie Coco to life with their own Día de los Muertos celebration and that means new food and beverages! On that list is Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate! You can find this $6 drink at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante inside Disneyland.

It's called the Frozen Abuelita and Horchata, which is a spin on the traditional Blended Horchata that has been sold at the restaurant in the past. This new drink has Abuelita, a Mexican-style cinnamon hot chocolate and then it is topped with their regular frozen horchata and a spiced whipped cream.

22. Pumpkin Spice Milkshake

This yummy, pumpkin spice goodness, is drizzled with caramel from inside-out, loaded with a whipped cream topping and covered in graham cracker pieces and sprinkled with pumpkin spice sugar!

Why haven't we thought of this before?! It tastes like the perfect bite of ice-cream with pumpkin pie!

Find this pumpkin spice shake at Flo's V8 Café in Disney California Adventure for only $6!!

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